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District Transport Offices (DTO) in Assam

The District Transport Officers in district level function as the Secretary & Regional Transport Authority. As the Secretary of Regional Transport Authority, he is to issue permits for transport/commercial vehicles and renew the same.

There are 26 districts in Assam. The affairs of transport and vehicles at the district level are performed by the District Transport Officers as per their inherited and delegated powers. The District Transport Officer is a very important post in a district and he has some important statutory power under Motor Vehicle Act and Rules.

The District Transport Officer, who is also ex-officio Secretary of Regional Transport Authority, plays a vital role in licensing and registering of vehicles in a district under Chapter -II and-III of Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989. The District Transport Officer in a district is solely responsible for granting of different type of driving licence and conductor licence, trade licence to the motor vehicle dealers and workshops, assignment of registration mark to the newly registered vehicles, collection of various taxes and fees under the Motor Vehicle Act and Rules. As Secretary, Regional Transport Authority, he grants road permits for different classes of transport vehicles and renew thereof. With a work force of M.V.I. Enforcement Inspectors and clerical staff he has to look after the daily office work for smooth running of the same. Moreover, he is also empowered with powers for prosecuting the offenders under Motor Vehicle Act.1988.

District Level Offices and their Headquarters

Headquarter  Division  District Transport Offices
 Guwahati  Lower Assam Division Kamrup Metro (R & L), Kamrup Metro (Enf) Kamrup Metro (RTA) 
Kamrup Rural ,Nalbari , Barpeta,  Bongaigaon , Goalpara, Dhubri
 Jorhat  Upper Assam Division 1.Tinsukia 2.Dibrugarh, 3.Joraht, 4.Golaghat 5. Nagaon
 Tezpur  Middle Assam Division 1. Dhemaji 2. Lakhimpur, 3. Sonitpur, 4. Darrang 5. Morigaon
 Silchar  Barak Valley & Hilly Areas 1. Cachar2. Hailakandi, 3. Karimganj4. Karbi-Anglong 5. Dima Hasao
 Kokrajhar  Bodoland Tribal Areas District 1. Kokrajhar 2. Chirang 3. Baksa, 4. Udalguri  

District Transport Office Addresses

DTO BaksaDistrict Transport Office Musalpur Kadamtal Road, P.O. Musalpur, District- Baksa, Assam  

DTO Address
DTO Kamrup District Transport Office, Kamrup(R & L) Betkuchi,
N.H.37, Guwahati-34
District Transport Office, Secy. R.T.A. Kamrup(RTA)
Betkuchi, N.H.37, Guwahati-34
District Transport Office, Kamrup(Enforcement)
Betkuchi, N.H.37, Guwahati-34  
District Transport Office, Kamrup(R)
Amingaon, North Guwahati, Guwahati-31  
DTO NAGAON District Transport Office, A.S.T.C Campus
P.O. Nagaon, District- Nagaon, Assam  
RTO Jorhat District Transport Office Gar Ali,
P.O. Jorhat, District- jorhat, Assam  
DTO Sivasagar District Transport Office
Ranghar Chari Ali, P.O. Sivasagar, District- Sivasagar, Assam  
DTO Golaghat District Transport Office
Arengapara, Ward No-1, P.O. Golaghat, District- Golaghat, Assam  
DTO Dibrugarh District Transport Office
A.T.Road, Phool Bagan, P.O. Dibrugarh, District- Dibrugarh, Assam  
DTO Lakhimpur District Transport Office
Phanindra Path, P.O. North Lakhimpur, District- N.Lakhimpur, Assam  
DTO N.C.Hills Office Of Deputy Commissioner Halflong,
District- N.C.Hills, Assam
DTO Karbi Anglong District Transport Office
Diphu, P.O. Diphu, District- Karbi Anglong, Assam  
DTO Karimganj District Transport Office
Steamer Ghat Road, P.O. Karimganj, District- Karimganj, Assam  
DTO Cachar District Transport Office
Park Road, P.O. Silchar, Assam 
DTO Sonitpur District Transport Office
P.O. Tezpur, District- Sonitpur, Assam  
DTO Darrang District Transport Office
P.O. Mangaldoi, District- Darrang, Assam  
DTO Nalbari District Transport Office
P.O. Nalbari, District- Nalbari, Assam  
DTO Barpeta District Transport Office
P.O. Barpeta, District- Barpeta, Assam  
DTO Kokrajhar District Transport Office
P.O. Kokrajhar, District- Kokrajhar, Assam  
DTO Dhubri District Transport Office
P.O. Dhubri, District- Dhubri, Assam  
DTO Goalpara District Transport Office
Agia Road, Bhalukdubi, P.O. Baladmari, District- Goalpara, Assam
DTO Bongaigaon District Transport Office
T.R.Phukan Road, P.O. Bongaigaon, District- Bongaigaon, Assam  
DTO Morigaon District Transport Office
Marigaon-Nagaon Road, P.O. Morigaon, District- Morigaon, Assam 
DTO Dhemaji District Transport Office
P.O. Dhemaji, District- Dhemaji, Assam  
DTO Tinsukia District Transport Office
A.T.Road, P.O. Tinsukia, District- Tinsukia, Assam
DTO Hailakandi District Transport Office
P.O. Hailakandi, District- Hailakandi, Assam  
DTO Chirang District Transport Office
P.O. Dhaligaon, District- Chirang, Assam  
DTO Udalguri District Transport Office
Block Chuk,P.O. Udalguri, District- Udalguri, Assam  
DTO Baksa District Transport Office
Musalpur Kadamtal Road,
P.O. Musalpur, District- Baksa, Assam  


DTOs Name and Contact Information



Name of Officer

Contact Number



Kamrup R&L

Shri Arun Borah

9435538077 / 9531107480



Kamrup, Enf.

Shri Arun Borah

9435538077 / 9531107480



Kamrup, RTA

Shri Bapan Kalita, EI (I/C DTO)

9435121951 / 9531107483



Kamrup (Rural)

Shri Gautam Das

9435040706 / 9531107481




Shri Himangshu Das, EI (I/C DTO)

7896833432 / 9531107484




Shri Sonit Bora, EI (I/C DTO)

9435110901 / 9531107485




 Shri Deep Jyoti Neog, EI (I/C DTO)

 7896211311 / 9531107486




 Shri Jiten Borgohain, EI (I/C DTO)

 9864746999 / 9531107487




 Shri Bhaskar Jyoti Dutta

 9401244991 / 9531107488




 Shri Ranjit Kumar Bora

 9435063700 / 9531107489




 Shri Siddhartha Krishna Saikia

 9864295783 / 9531107491




 Shri Sanjib Kr. Krishna,  EI  (I/C DTO)

 9854139045 / 9531107492




 Shri Ashif Ahmed, EI (I/C DTO)

 9854022455 / 9531107493



 Dima Hasao

 Shri Abdul Mazid

 9854031788 / 9531107494




 Shri Bubul Gogoi (I/C DTO)

 9435104460 / 9531107495




 Sri Moniruddin Ahmed

 9435087868 / 9531107496




 Shri Angikar Buragohain

 7399311637 / 9531107497




 Shri Manoj Kr. Choudhury, EI (I/C DTO)

 9435194316 / 9531107498




 Smti. Tamsin Aftab

 9435977774 / 9531107499




 Shri Sayed Raffiqul Mannan

9435045378 / 9531107501 




 Smti. Dipanjali Borah

8486410370 / 9531107502 




 Shri Dibyajyoti Karjee

 9678342940 / 9531107504




 Shri Angshuman Biswas, EI (I/C DTO)

 9435070305 / 9531107505




 Shri Dhajen Basumatary,EI (I/C DTO)

7035378130 / 9531107503 




 Shri Sitaram Doley, EI (I/C DTO)

 8638945591 / 9531107506




 Shri Apurba Das, EI (I/C DTO)

 8011017500 / 9531107508




 Shri Simanta Borah, EI (I/C DTO)

 9435130175 / 9531107507




 Shri Rupjyoti Kalita, EI (I/C DTO)

 9435114875 / 9531107509




 Shri Rajeeb Baruah, MVI (I/C DTO)

 8761991977 / 9531107510




 Shri Umesh Chandra Sarma

 9435083158 / 9531107511




 Shri Sanjib Hazarika

 9435030083 / 9531107512



South Salmara

 Shri Mizazur Rahman, EI(I/C DTO)

 9954633675 / 9531107513




 Shri Ranjit Singh

 9435080800 / 9531107514




 Shri Nandeswar Lahkar

 9435114696 / 9531107515