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Apply for National Permit


  • National Permit in respect of a Goods Carriage is issued as provided for in sub-section 12 of Section 88 of the M.V.Act, 1988.
  • Application form is given in Schedule I and II which should be forwarded to the respective transport authority.


As per the Section 66(1) of M.V.Act.1988 no owner of a motor vehicle shall use or permit the use of the vehicle as Transport Vehicle in any public place unless he obtains a permit from Regional or State Transport Authority.Issuance of National Road Permit is the subject of State Transport Authority only. The National Road Permit in respect of goods carriage to operate throughout the territory of India or in such contiguous States, not being less than four in number including the Home State in which the permit is issued

Eligibility Criteria

The vehicle should be registered and insured.

The vehicle should be fit to carry goods across. 


Name of PermitMaximum DurationAmount

Periodic Permit (Passenger/ Goods Carrying)
within the State.
(i) Three Wheelers
Three Wheelers
(iii)Other vehicles

3 years to 5 years 500.00

(b)Periodic Permit (Passenger/Goods Carriage)
within the State
(i) Three Wheelers
(ii) Three Wheelers
iii)Other vehicles

Up to 3 years 250.00
Temporary Permit (Passenger/ Goods carrying)
1. Within one region
(i)Three Wheeler/Taxi
(ii)City Service Bus
(iii)Other Vehicles 
4 months 50.00
More than one region up to 3 region
(i)Three Wheeler/Taxi(
ii)Other Vehicles
4 months 75.00
More than three regions
(ii)Other Vehicles
4 months 100.00
 Special permit within the State/ Inter State routes
(d) Temporary permits on Inter State routes
(e) Periodic Permits on Inter State routes
(f) Fees for countersignature of Permits
(i) Temporary permit
(ii)Periodic permit
10 days
4 months
3 to 5 years
Up to 3 years


Documents Required

  1. Application Form in Schedule I
  2. Application Form in Schedule II
  3. Relevant documents of the vehicle;
  4. Prescribed fees;
  5. Demand Drafts of fees for the other State

Important Timeline

Valid between 3 to 5 years 

How to apply

For obtaining a road permit the owner of a vehicle may apply to the Regional Transport Authority or the State Transport Authority in the prescribed application form. The granting of the permit will be decided by the concerning RTA or STA board, keeping in view the public interest of the area.

Type of Service

Offline : Yes

Forms to be filled

Schedule IForm to be filledDownload
Schedule IIForm to be filledDownload

Whom to Contact

Gunodhar Das, ACT

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